Colata Band! Performance 2011    
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Colata Band!  is a performance created by Valerio Ricci at the CIAC, the International Centre for Contemporary Art in Genazzano, in collaboration with the Genezzano Municipal Musical Band “Luigi Cardini”, directed by the Maestro Enrico Silvestri. In this work the ensemble plays its traditional musical repertoire inside the small space within the internal courtyard of the castle, where ash for the laundry used to be made, now an area designated to site-specific events of contemporary art.
The entrance to the room is closed by an iron gate created by the artist especially for the occasion, blocking access to the room, while allowing a full view of the interior. The musicians play in this narrow space. A fourth wall separates them from the outside, hinting at the relation between inside and outside, interior and exterior. The brightness of the metal underlines an element of value that is extended to the performance taking place inside.

(from press release, 2011)