ECC. Sculpture 2011    
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Ente Comunale di Consumo. 43 artists reflect on memory is an exhibition by Claudio Libero Pisano. The project was inspired by the fortuitous finding of an amount of greaseproof paper used for wrapping butter by the Municipal Agency for Consumption (ECC) at the end of the Second World War. The Municipal Agency for Consumption was established in 1946 for the solution of emergencies in post-war Italy, and to provide food supplies for the poorest families.
Today, years after its abrogation, the memory of this institution seems to have faded, leaving only the site to suggest a distant past. The artists where freely inspired by the sheets of wrapping paper and created a work of art in a spirit of creative freedom, developing a personal relationship with this piece of collective memory, charting a course for the memory of our country.
Tamburino is a sculpture built by putting together sheets of the ECC's wrapping paper. It is the  real size reproduction of a tin drum, the toy that children played with in the Fifties.