Sŏul. Photography | Sculpture 2011    
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Sŏul is a project realized in 2011 during a residence program at the Mongin Center in Seoul.
The photographs are pictures of real objects, carefully chosen. I painted these objects in part, as if they had been soaked in black liquid, creating a perfect division between the coloured and the original parts. After having selected the settings I used a large format camera so as to obtain large prints.
The project is made up of every day images to which mental connotations have been added to create a familiar but at the same time alien feeling. I tried to transfer these images into a psychic reality to reflect an interior state, a condition of consciousness. The images thus give life to an autonomous language, separated in part from the real object and have a strong symbolic meaning.
The same uneasiness is reflected by the choice of the settings. They evoke a domestic but also unknown imagination.
The sculptures are a project made up of ten ceramic works. Every piece is made by an industrial cast reproduced in ceramic, of different colours and shapes.